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    The unique material is gum coloured, flexible, unbreakable and invisible in the mouth.
    Offering maximum fit,without the need to use glues for retention. Flexite is also made as thin as possible in the palate area. It is also completely unbreakable. Maximum retention,minimal palatal coverage, flexible, light, non-absorbent,allergy free. 1 tooth to a full set of teeth.

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    A brief guide, from design to completion.










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    Alan Gale

    founder of Flexident Algarve


    Alan Gale has been making dentures for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience in England, Portugal and Spain, where he gained his licence to exclusively provide flexible dentures, in the Algarve.


    To dispel any misconceptions, Alan Gale explains the process of making a flexible denture in a simplified format:


    Firstly, details are discussed as to the specific needs or changes to the current denture.These could be due to ill fitting, incorrect shade, function, lip support, etc.The clinician then takes upper and lower impressions of the mouth.These are cast in a pourable stone material.


    The stone model is then studied, and a design is drawn on the model, replicating the shape of the denture. Undercuts and rests are located, which help in the superb fit of the denture.


    Then wax blocks, in the shape of the appliance, are made on the models. The clinician uses these to determine the correct bite, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw.Light cured trays are also constructed, using the initial models. Second impressions, are taken, using these trays.


    These impressions are cast in a very hard stone material. It is on these models that the finished appliance is made.


    The shape and colour of teeth, is accurately chosen.The hard stone models, with the wax blocks seated in place, are then mounted on an apparatus called an articulator. A wax try- in is then made, using the teeth individually crafted in the wax pattern and the design, shape, chosen. Missing gum work is also replaced in wax. Artistic skills and a keen eye are needed here. Lip support restored, greatly improves appearance and smile.The wax try-in, is then returned to the clinician.This procedure mimics the finished denture, but in wax.


    The denture wearer, and clinician being satisfied with appearance and bite, give the all clear to proceed to the final finish, and insertion of the flexible denture, usually between seven and 10 days.



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    Saturday by appointment only.

    Sunday / Domingo

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    • Partial removable dentures,no metal
      clasps or plates.
    • Minimum thickness,maximum
    • Injection moulded,designed and
      constructed in-house.
    • Flexite T-VAL.Polyolefin Thermoplastic.
    • Translucent.Blends nicely with gums.
    • Stays clean and stain free.
    • Will not absorb moisture.
    • Odour resistant.
    • Clinically Unbreakable
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    Full Dentures:

    • Amazing,natural looking teeth.
    • Sunken features restored 
    • Look years younger
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    2 Hours Guaranteed Denture Repairs:

    • Acrylic repairs,guaranteed finished
      within 2 hours.While-u-wait service.
    • Personal friendly service. 
    • Fully guaranteed. 
    • Domicillary service available.
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